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1.0 IntroductionThe solar energy use can alter part of the hydro electric energy, and the solar energy has advantage of the low cost and low pollution. The project will design a photovoltaic system on the Seneca College roof to reduce energy cost at Seneca College. This report will calculate and analyze the photovoltaic system power output to […]


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How did the Cold War shape the American economy, society and politics from 1945 to 1992?   Introduction: The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union emerged and developed after World War II, though its origins go back in history to the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. The Cold War was an ideological, […]


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Sex in most cases is a taboo subject, not to mention the movies about sex-pornography. However, according to the investigation from Gobry and Saint in 2011, “In USA, around 70% of men aged 18–24 visit porn sites in a typical month.” Pornography has already been normalized in many society and culture. Facing this situation, some […]


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In past decades, mankind has embarked on an unprecedented and remarkable growth in industry that has led to a more prosperous lifestyle for the people of many countries. And in many developing countries, such explosive industrial growth is just now beginning to raise the living standards of the people. However, most industries, especially in these […]


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Like many of us in this short life. We have lived through lies after lies and after more. Some years ago I been thought to believe that the Illuminati was associated with the Great Seal but was that really the case here? There are several questions we have to answer like who designed the Seal, […]


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I decided to write about Samuel Barber because I listened to some of his music before and I kind of liked it.  When I started to search his name he popped up pretty quick so he must be pretty famous.  Samuel Barber was born on March 9, 1910 and died on January 13, 1981.  He […]


Developing subliminal messages for each and every minor condition.

Developing medication has become the primary goal of big pharmaceutical companies. Since the end of the twentieth century finding a cure is no longer important. The new solution to all health matters is to take a pill and manage symptoms. This alleviates all need to cure any diseases or conditions within the body. This idea […]


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The essential definition of quality, for the purposes of this essay, is the degree to which one can reach the same conclusion after numerous trials and tests. In other words, the rigorousness of testing that a given theory may be held to when it is accepted or declared false. It makes sense, then, that if […]


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The ideas of segregation by African Americans reflect to what degree former slaves were willing to fight for their civil rights, and primordially, how they viewed their disheartening situation. The first of these ideas is formulated in Booker T. Washington’s 1806 Atlanta Compromise Speech. The intention of this speech was to establish a compromise involving […]


Pain in various phases of development and clinical trials(Journal

Pain Scale and Radiological Comparison of Lumbar Discectomy Patients with and without Lumbar Disc Prosthesis   INTRODUCTION: Intervertebral discs(IVDs) have composite structures surrounded by a collagen rich annulus fibrosus composed of rich core pulps of gelatinous proteoglycan. (Orthop Clin North Am. 2011 Oct; 42(4): 487–499.Biomechanics of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration, Nozomu Inoue, Alejandro A. Espinoza Orías). […]


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