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Genetic Engineering is a useful yet risky tool that scientist are learning more about through the development of research. It is stated that we have the potential to alter our genes for the benefit of our health and the upcoming generations. Despite the beneficial factors that genetic engineering comes with, it also possesses various dangerous […]


John 2014) It is a common theme within criticism

  John Keats wrote a poem known as ‘On First looking into Chapman’s Homer’. He was an English romantic poet of the early 19th century known mostly for the use of sensual imagery within his popular series of odes. Though initially unpopular his poems are now some of the most critically analysed of the romantic […]


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In takaful, the surplus is defined as an asset minus the liability of takaful risk fund. Surplus exists due to the difference between actual experience and price assumptions. Total of surplus depends on how assets and liabilities of the takaful fund are assessed. Surplus can be split among participants (policyholders), to takaful operators (shareholders), and […]


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The Black Panther is a party that was started in the 1960s by Huey Newton and Bobby seal who were activists with deep roots from the south in Oakland, California. Both had been involved in movements for civil rights for some time. Their political affiliation was more aligned to Malcolm X because of his violent […]


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valuate the statement: “adoption is a significant wound that can be healed.”   Adoption can be defined as an indefinite settlement of an abandoned child or an orphan with relations or with a family entirely unrelated to said abandoned child or orphan (Van IJzendoorn & Juffer, 2006). Moreover, adoption is believed to benefit all within […]


In couple of days. What is bitcoin? What was

In Belarus, a new law underlining state support for the cryptovalue and blokcejn was signed recently. This regulation allows  all incomes and transaction related to cryptocurrency have tax release for the following five years. With this law, president of Belarus, A.Lukasenko set new improved system of its country digital economy.   The reason for the […]


Riccardo to this dissatisfaction, crisis or distrust. Distrust is

Riccardo Lovatini   Counter-democracy: “End of Politics” or “Unpolitical democracy”?   In 1918, Thomas Mann1 argued that politics and democracy are part of an indivisible whole, and precisely here lies the problem of democracy. His critique against democracy was a critique against politicisation: if everything is up to discussion, even the higher ethical principles can […]


Preventative may begin to wonder why these practices are

                 Preventative versus diagnostic healthcare. Alternative versus conventional medicine. Holistic versus homeopathic. East versus west. It can be difficult to narrow down the differences between so many medical practices and approaches available to us today. But the general consensus seems to be that a holistic or preventative approach to health boasts health and wellness in […]


1)Two almost different from each other but they found

1)Two way interaction : X’s  behavior is the reason of the Y’s behavior and Y’s behavior is the reason of X’s behavior. Both of them have influences on each other . It will be two way interaction . Example : Woman doesn’t want to have sex with her husband ; man  uses violence against her […]


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