One charge of the post-hire management. Finally, by presenting

One of the most important and core
activities of the Human Resource department is cleary recruitment. Defined as
the process of attracting, interviewing and selecting the right candidate for
certain vacancy, recruitment is considered to be carried out generally by
managers or hiring experts -people hiring people, through the identification of
main skills, experience and fitness of the candidates with the job and with the
company. Nowadays, with the technology going further and more areas of the
organization adopting computing processes, the recruitment tasks have been also
relied in software and algorithms which help locating and identifying potential
candidates. These kind of software and algorithms work thanks to the capability
of storage of massive amounts of data -best known as Big Data, through which
companies can improve their processes such as talent acquisition, development
and organisational performance.


Here an example: in order to identify the
right candidate, a manager or a hiring expert would usually look for some
specific skill, experience or qualification within a limited database of
resumes or the defined recruitment source, then select a few finalists, start
with the interview process and finally hire or not the person due to the
fitness to the vacancy. Something similar happens with the technological tools
for hiring but the difference is the amount of available data of candidates and
the facility to process it in a shorter period of time and parallely covering
more details.

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Using Big Data in HR thoroughly involves
monitoring performance metrics, external criterions and social media data to
deliver a more informed solution. The potential to evaluate Big Data has
enabled companies to increase their revenue and cut the cost through the use of
algorithms which rank resumes by means of keywords to find the preferred
applicants with favored qualifications and like any innovation, it has both
advantages and disadvantages. On the bright side, it can help in processing
multiple candidates, shortlisting, accumulating resumes and connecting with
applicants but since software use perfect optimization, they may miss out
experienced aspirants, for instance workers that are changing careers.



In order to better explain the functioning
of technology in HR, we will analyze the two different tools used in
recruitment processes, Recruitment softwares and Applicant Tracking Systems.
Both of them work with huge amounts of data but with different scope of the
hiring cycle, while an ATS just covers until the selection stage, a Recruitmen
Software is also in charge of the post-hire management.  



Finally, by presenting this topic, we
expect to describe how technology can help with HR processes, offer a few
examples of tools, explain how Big Data works and the advantages and
disadvantages of using Recruitment Software or Applicant Tracking Systems in an


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