Mobile phone has been very useful for long distance

Mobile phone has been very useful for long distance
communication. However, mobile phone has been associated with harmful and
problematic behaviour. Based on french ONISR, this factor can be responsible
for 25-50% of injury accidents. Moreover, the French institute of science and
technology for transport, development, and networks and the French institute of
health and medical research claimed that phone call increase the risk of road
accident three times. Researcher found that mobile phone use while driving
moreover used by young driver has a significant distraction and become the
leading cause of motor vehicle crashes (Saifuzzaman et al., 2015). While using
mobile phone, drivers were more likely to miss traffic signal such as stop
signs and traffic light. Finally, the effect of mobile phone use whether it is
handheld or hands free sets significantly increased risk of having a car
accident (White et al., 2004).


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